Dr. Pradeep & Dr. Manjula Mehta Nursing Scholarship

To continue Dr. Pradeep & Mrs. Manjula Mehta’s dedication, service and meaningful impacts on healthcare and education in the LLCC community, they have established a scholarship fund for Lincoln Land Community College students in the field of nursing.

1. Maintain the academic standards set by the program
2. Enrolled in a nursing related field of study-Basic Nurse Assistant (CNA), Practical Nurse (LPN), and/or Associate Degree Nursing (ADN)
3. Enrolled in the minimum cred hours: Associate Degree Nursing (RN)-10 credit hours or Nursing full-time equivalent; Practical Nurse (LPN)-12 credit hours or LPN full-time equivalent; Basic Nurse Assistant (CNA)-6.5 credit hours or Basic Nurse Assistant full-time equivalent
4. If enrolled in Associate Degree in Nursing-student must be accepted into LLCC’s Associate Degree in Nursing Program